How To Appreciate Your Spin Flux

Congratulations! You own a one-of-a-kind scientific toy uniquely hand-crafted in Budapest for your satisfaction. It features the strongest permanent magnet available on Planet Earth, and luckily it's locked in the aluminum body so you won't ever lose it. Spin Flux uses a rule of magnetodynamics called Lenz's law which is responsible for the surprising behavior of the ball!

When you start rotating the ball you can feel the effect Lenz's law provides: depending on the direction, you will feel a strong braking force–or no repulsion at all. The tactile feedback of turning the ball in the direction with the smooth resistance has an addictive calming effect.

Here comes the challenge! Try to find the position with zero resistance and rotate the aluminum torus around the ball–just like with a spinner. This can be difficult at first but once you get the hang of it you will find that exact spot in no time and you will be rewarded with a truly satisfying spin. Practise makes perfect!

With the included cradle, you can enjoy the smooth resistance between the ball and the torus by rotating the ball with your index finger while Spin Flux is resting in its place on your desk.

If you turn the cradle upside-down, you can use Spin Flux like classic spin-top. Just give it a quick spin and see how balanced it can be!

With some practice, you will be able to easily achieve spins of more then 5 minutes long! 

Alternatively, you can spin Spin Flux vertically for an amazing visual effect! The goal here is to 1) achieve the longest spin-time possible and 2) avoid Spin Flux falling off the cradle. This requires a little more practice but it can be an exciting and challenging contest between more players.

When finished with the spin-top session, you can turn back the cradle to its original position and put Spin Flux in it to rest.

Spin Flux is a compact unit so you can take it with you anytime, anywhere! Just make sure you keep a safe distance from magnet-sensitive objects.