Feel Flux proudly presents

A scientific fidget experience


A forever lasting stem toy that pleases your senses and calms your mind

What is Spin Flux?

It's a fidget tool.

STEM toy.          

spin top.         

zen toy.         

unique gadget.


a Spin Flux.                

Spin Flux is a tactile and visual experience like no other. The coated aluminium torus holds the world’s most powerful magnetic ball locked in place by a low-friction lacquer coated metal ring.
As you start rotating the ball, you will notice the unique electromagnetic interaction between the components caused by a phenomenon called Lenz’s law.
Turn the included wooden cradle upside down and use Spin Flux as a long-lasting spin top. There are endless ways to interact with this well-designed object that will definitely deserve a place on your desk, always ready to play.
Just grab Spin Flux whenever you need something that keeps your fingers busy so your mind can focus on more important stuff.
Like finishing your PhD.
Or watching TV.

Why will you love it?

It turns out people love stuff that they can endlessly fidget and play with while focusing on work, relaxing or just doing everyday tasks. This is an immensely popular genre and we wanted to create the ultimate example.


Spin Flux is simple but based on interesting scientific rules, feels great to touch, has a satisfying effect and it spins for minutes – it’s beautiful in every way.

Engineering & Design

Each Spin Flux unit is precisely machined with a CNC machine then finished and assembled by hand in the EU. The result is an aircraft-grade aluminium product that was born to be satisfying to play with.
Fitted inside the torus is the strongest magnet ball that humankind can produce on Planet Earth today. It has an important job to do: It lets you fidget around with its amazing strength whenever you like.

Revealing the science behind

The included magnet ball spins freely in one way and resists rotation in another. This satisfying effect is caused by a special electromagnetic principle called Lenz’s law.






When turning the ball in a way that resists the rotation, electric current is induced in the torus that interacts with the ball's magnetic field. The rarely experienced behaviour of this special magnetic damping holds the essence of the Spin Flux experience.
Come and learn more about how it works!


Safety & Precautions

In Spin Flux, we have included the world's most powerful magnet. That means not only the capability of creating cool eddy-current effects but also a strong force when exposed to magnetizable objects. So strong that you may want to keep your ferromagnetic stuff away. You should also put away mechanical watches, electronic devices, medical equipment or any other items that can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields.

Click here to learn about what you might want to keep away from such a strong magnet.














About us

We are a team of two Hungarian engineers/designers who created the Feel Flux brand back in 2014. After our successful crowdfunding campaign, we have established a company that has been designing and manufacturing mesmerising STEM toys ever since. We believe that in the world of quickly changing trends and mass-produced items there is a place for high quality, hand made objects that bring people a step closer to the world of science.

Tom Somlyo


Industrial Design Engineer

Adam Lanyi


Mechatronics Engineer